After paying Protective Life on a commercial mortgage for 9 years without any problems, I was getting close to my balloon time and needed to refinance. They quoted me a rate that I was satisfied with and they required a check for $22,000 which included a $5000.00 application fee and a $17,000 down on other fees.

After I did an insane amount of paperwork which they required, and sent them the check, they said they could not go with what they quoted me and that I would have to chose a different option. The options they gave me would cost me a lot more. Then after I put a stop payment on the check I sent them, they came back with a different option that they said was supposed to save me money. They sent me a whole new amount of paperwork to do and then they wanted another $20,000 refinance fee on top of all the other fees that they quoted me the first time.

I think I'll go with someone I can trust.

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