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Have been attempting to collect on my deceased dad's annuities for two months.When I requested the claim forms, I was told that it would take 3-5 business days to receive them, however, it actually took 25 days and 4 phone calls before I received them.

I submitted the claim forms on Feb. 28, 2014. Contacted Protective a week later to find out the status of my claim. Was told by clerk that the forms had been filled out erroneously, and was instructed (verbally) on how to correct the forms.

Did so, and faxed them to the company. Received a message via their website that the forms had been approved by their claims dept. and the money would be transferred to my brokerage account in 5-7 days. Called again after 7 days, and was told again that the forms had been filled out wrong.

Explained that I had corrected them per verbal instructions from one of their clerks. Was again instructed on how to correct the forms. Requested that these new verbal instructions be followed up by an email listing the instructions, was told by the clerk that she did not have the capability of email. Also was told that it would be 10-14 days before my money was transferred.

Asked if the instructions could be messaged to me via the website. Was again told that the clerk did not have the capability of messaging. Faxed in the corrected forms, requesting that the receipt of the fax be acknowledged. Have never heard another word from the company.

I am concerned that perhaps Protective Life is having financial difficulties, and therefore is unable to pay me the almost $300K that they owe me.

I am going to ask my estate lawyer to contact them on my behalf.

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Dealing with this company for the last 5 months.My dad "out lived his policy", so premiums were increased.

Now paying quarterly. NOW, receiving a bill for $49.67 that NO ONE can tell us what this amount is for. Everyone has a different answer. Was told today my dad asked for the increase, which is an out and out lie.

I have been on every call to this company. What do we do?

I say, continue sending quarterly payments...Who can we call to complain to?


I pray for you that you are able to get this resolved.PLEASE - do not accept any verbal instructions from a Protective Life employee.

We did and it cost us $500,000. Get everything in writing and make sure you have a licensed professional - be it a lawyer or a licensed insurance representative.

Protective Life will not in any way stand up for their employee's mistakes and will place 100% of the blame on the consumer.

New Haven, Indiana, United States #803633

i to am having alot of problems,trying to collect on a insurance policy my deceasd dad had left to me from this was a life insurance policy.i was named as the insured.called the company many times,always got a different answer. after calling all those times,i was told by some rep they could not talk about this policy beacause i was not the owner.they would not explain how to get to be the here i set over one year and still no money from protective.shame on you protective! if any one knows how to become the owner,please contact me at you.

Tampa, Florida, United States #801653

Protective Life Ins co.

I have a contract dated 8/20/1994 that I need information.I have called 3 times and written and sent 3 emails with all of the data and never get a reply.

I ask for the current status and am told they have no record and have to research. It has been over a year and nothing.

My last letter was to the President over a month ago.

NOTHING.What Government agency do I contact?

to spinmiller85 Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #824847

Try US Securities and Exchange Commission

to spinmiller85 #989286

go to insur commission for your state they should be abel to help

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